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Colouring Book BANNED/Assassin drops 'Yu Madda' song Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Sunday, 17 April 2011 12:01 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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New York, Spanish Town, we de ya once again. The ting amp up, Bounty Sundays tonight, we ah campaign the road hard right now, dancehall nice again. Big up Gyptian, yu new Duggu Duggu song ah go hard ah foreign, big up Baby Chris, mi hear say yu bookings dem a run in and ting. Big up Shaggy, dem honour yu inna de US the other day fi the great things them yu a do fi the Jamaican society, keep it up. Mi hear say dem plan fi keep The Settlement this Summer and the streets ah say Bounty Killer and Kartel coulda clash inna real life pon da show ya, the ting ah go get jiggy. But will the police give clearance fi a show like this????




Mi hear say Assassin drop a one verse pon Stephen riddim ah talk about the mother situation and
a bagga tings. How him ah voice up so much tune? Who him a promise gunshot inna dem bladder? Mi love the part weh him say yu is a madda bad man or a madder bad man.

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