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Can Laing mash up the Gaza? Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 28 December 2010 00:56 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Well, another year a draw to a close and dancehall music is still going strong. Spice gone a foreign gone have her baby, Sizzla ah join everybody who a bun out Kartel, Sting flop, Bounty Killer nuh badda show up a Sting, and the people dem tormented because the road dem bad, and the government ah tax out we rass. What can be done?Nutten nah go change, water still wet, sky still blue, shot still a buss a Jamaica, SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY (SSDD). Right now, mi nah go no more party till Black and White and then mi a go tek a break and try save some more money because mi have a feeling say 2011 ah be a hell of a year. Big up to Sizzla, I Octane and Beenie Man, ah oonu mek Sting nuh look like a giant waste of time this year. Octane shell it down to the ground, and Sizzla was his fire bunning self, mi feel say 2011 is the YEAR OF THE RASTA, memba mi di tell yu, awoah!!! No JOP, no Gaza, no Alliance, no Gully fi Sting.

Bounty Killer de pon ER ah run off him mouth bout Kartel waan too much money fi Sting, and how him no get him deposit
and a bagga tings, and then when him no get him $1 million deposit from Laing, him decide say him nah go nowhere. Dancehall mash
up fi true, the traditional promoters dem a go outta business, the artiste dem a keep dem owna free show, the corporate people ah
keep dem owna free show, nobody nuh respect the music, it is all about making the Almighty dollar, people, mi glad say mi get fi see
mi deejay over Sting, but right now, mi ah get tired of this dancehall shit, mi nah go no more stage show fi now, because ah pure
fuckery mi see a gwaan, the ting too boring, and disrespectful, or maybe mi just a get old. Reggae Queen and Face a clash and the ting
just come in like two big hole gal downtown who ah cuss, the ting low in entertainment value, it just....common. And why the artiste feel
say the Corporate people dem nah go get up and decide say dem ah go stop spend dem money inna dancehall again? It happen four years ago,
watch when it ah go happen again.


The streets stink wid the argument say Laing nah go stop till the Building lock down, him ah go use state power fi mash up
the ting because how the Gaza fi gwaan like dem waan box out food outta him mouth?Sting flop, Bounty nuh get no money, the crowd
small, the whole dancehall ting mash up weh clash ting is concerned, but dancehall will never die, we just need a new set of stars
fi carry the ting forward but mi can promise yu this, Laing nah stop pressure di Gaza yutes. Mi hear say ah pure police flood the club
pon Sunday night and mash up dem concert but that was to be expected.


It look like Sizzla waan come back fi him crown because him bun a big fire pon Vybz Kartel over Jamworld de, mi surprised and the people dem a
cheer fi him like wow. Ah just jealousy, envy or dem tired fi see wah the man ah do like how him a run the place? People, the drop word ting
nah go ever end the way di ting set right now.

Weh Laing find da band de who ah back up the artistes dem? DEM LAME, like dem de pon AMBIEN.

Blak Ryno link up wid Kip Rich and go pon the stage and do a song say "ah nuff money teacher OH, and him know" and a bagga tings?

Why was there no Aidonia?

Where was Elephant Man?

Will LIME sponsor the event next year?


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