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I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't  know when I will be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go    We wonder if dancehall act Busy Signal, known for his covers of popular pop songs, was humming this classic John Denver song yesterday as he was extradited to the United States to face trial for jumping bail.


Accompanied by United States Marshals who had arrived in the island on Monday, Busy, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, finally took a jet plane using his correct name for the first time in a decade. 
Busy had been about to face a major drug-trafficking charge a decade ago when he absconded bail, returned to Jamaica and began a highly successful career as a member of the Alliance. He scored several dancehall hits and travelled to several countries all over the world under an assumed name. He released a reggae album that hit the Billboard Reggae charts only two months ago.
Gordon was flown to the United States just under a month after waiving his right to an extradition hearing in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court where he was represented by Queen's Counsel KD Knight and Charles 'Advoket' Ganga-Singh.
The artiste allegedly fled the United States in 2002 before the start of his trial on a cocaine charge in October of that year. Gordon had since travelled to other countries, but avoided the US.
He was arrested last month by members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston as he disembarked a flight after being deported from the United Kingdom (UK).
The UK had refused entry to Gordon, who had been travelling under the name Reanno Devon Gordon on his way from another European country where he had been performing.
Gordon is being extradited on a provisional warrant for failure to appear for trial in the United States. Knight told the Observer that his client could not be tried in the United States on the drug charges because the warrant for his arrest relates to his failure to show for trial and not the drug charges that caused him to flee that country.
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