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The animosity between Khago and Bushman appears to be deepening after Khago blasted the rastafarian singer over the weekend on TVJ's INTENSE and on CVM's popular Dwrap show, saying derrogatory things about the older artiste.   

"Bushman need fi understand himself, why him ah go use my name and ah try style me. Dem nuh rate young artistes, dem nuh rate nobody and my mouth offa mute now, mi nah tek it no more," the Blood a Boil artiste told

Over the weekend, the two traded insults via phone with Bushman texting "Yow, nuh baddy know you pussy? Mek mi tell yu diss, nuh bwoy can ever pinch rasta nu day wedah pon backpocket or no weh. Mi shit outta it, weh yu do wid urs? Yu a pay yu way or whateva yu a do, u a waste time, go bill catalogue. Five passport mi dun."

For his part, Khago invited Bushman to engage in sexual congress and commit illegal sexual acts with various members of his family.

Bushman's management team has played down the ruckus between the two rastas. Bushman's manager Vanessa Duncan said that "Bushman never said anything bad about him, he merely used him as an example to point out how bad the business is, meaning that for an artiste of your potential, you should have been all over the globe. "There is something wrong in the business" is how he ended his statement, nothing disrespectful to him. I texted Khago to let him know that 17 years from this day he should come back and text Bushman that all he wants to do "is shit in his wife's face". Bushman has 17 years in the business of local and international reggae."

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