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Bumpy Cash shells Top Tuesdehs last night Featured

Archive Written by  KIMMY FLAWLESS Wednesday, 23 May 2012 12:05 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Top tuesdeh shell last night! De gal dem nuh stop bruck out. It tun up LOUDDDDDDD wid 7D. De hottest group dem did deh deh: Top steppaz, Big spendaz, Akademiks, RnG, Star girls... a dem ave de broadest broadout, Skygrade girl, Goodlife girls. Yaooooooowww(best popcaan voice) to how dem nuff mi can't badda call dem name, u affi go cum next week fi see de rest. Yo, u see de one weh name Bumpy Cash, him  a gwaan like him alone wah play but dat nah work enuh cah a nuff selector de de but him ah hog the mic fi himself, but him gwaan good still so big up Bumpy Cash, yu ting tun up. Big up Six killa, Canta an Nero, dem did deh inna de place.  

It loud till it a deaf mi next week peeps



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