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BOOM BOOM SHELLS UPTOWN MONDAY WITH 'KARMA' SONG @mackadiamond1 @one876 @iamtimry @bounce876 Featured

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Team Macka is reporting that KARMA ah go be the next hit song fi the Summer, and that it got four money pull ups at Uptown Mondays this morning,

The Money Goddess sent out a broadcast that said: "The Lord is I shepherd I shall not want Yea thou I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil Bless up everyone give thanks last nite was great"

Cheap and clean got shell Karma to the world every tune got pullover a pullover Mondays big up Ruxie me general ask danglez from iceman promotion Uptown Mondays check in loud

Boom boom shell Karma a over 5times pull up ask Sample six because him couldn't help himself but fi go money pull up and talk a bagga things look like him remember how a gal have him like Karma lol Big up Richie Feelings he was the special guest of the nite and him made it clear say Macka u deh yah party wid we so me haffi drop u song and drop Dye Dye my gosh a now dah song deh hot it cah Dye Dye check out the clips on IG @mackadiamond1 a hope all my beloved selectors take a page out of what Richie say when artiste a party wid wid unu when unu a play unu fi endorse dem nuff love But Richie couldn't end him segment without dropping Bigfoot and u shoulda see how di gal dem dash out global girls gwan bad not to mention logo she boom flick DWl Road shell wey big up Teammacka God a God Re bc please and thx
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