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Mi see the Labourites dem pon the TV last night and dem never look happy, dem de behind inna the Don Anderson polls, police ah investigate Robertson, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips scandal not going away, and where are the JOBS, JOBS, JOBS dem promise we? That's why me caan stop say Mama Portia, ah she mek me buy mi house, mi CRv and can send mi daughter go a prep school, ah under PNP, mi get my UWI degree, and mi accounting job and all these things. Mama Portia till death!!! On another note, how dem a find so much dead people over Portmore? Mi hairdresser call mi frantic Saturday wid the argument, woman with no head, hands, foot or breasts, dem find her body over the Greater Portmore post office, and then dem find a next woman inna Bridgeport area.
01 No Wey Nuh Bettah Dan Yaad by millsydon

Mi like how Toya party gwaan pon Friday night, but the police dem come lock it off too early. Mi see Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Harry Toddler, Fantan Mojah, Wee Pow, Natural Black, Munga, and a portion of artistes over the thing, Toya did have on some sort of spider-woman looking suit, mi nuh know weh she get that from, mi like the blonde wig though,
it did a happen, but mi feel she too hype. Why when the event a done, she come pon the mike and ah say, all the girl dem who ah look Joe, ah just sex dem a get, ah she have the MONEY! She ah go hard, doan? But who she tink want her shrivel up ole white man? Not me, but apparently, nuff woman bind up right now and wi do anything for money, yu never hear bout the supermodel who clean off Joe muffler fi a 10,000 dollar. The ting amp up.

People, Ai-di-di-di- donia is becoming a better performing artiste, him gwaan good over Wolmer's Barbecue over Ranny Williams. The young people dem love J.O.P, the man song dem a go hard, and mi love how him play out the whole ah Spice Jim Screechie song
and mek the girls dem sing it, good move. Tifa also gwaan good, she bad eh, doan? She gwaan di a boom flick ting de we never normal, the whole venue get jiggy when she do it, Tifa, yu a star, do yu ting, mi love yu personality. Jahvinci also get some big forward, and
him earn an encore, the people dem love him, him voice unique, but him need fi tek the fitted cap outta him face and perform better fi the people. Twins of Twins buss the place wid some new Lisa Hype material, and some sample new talk like "some gal ah just Razr, dem look good but dem no have no features".Fyakin pass through, I Octane flatten the place, mi spot Gangoolie from Spanish Town, and the dancing crew, Shady Squad and
Untouchables gwaan wid a ting.

Roadblock Films ah go hard, dem drop the Duss Medley last week pon ER and shell down the place. People, how dem say Javinci nah gwaan wid nothing? Ah him tek the medley, the man song hard, mi love how him lead it out and finish it off. And who is this Maxwell yute? People, watch out for him. And nobody caan tell mi nutten, Kartel tek the pill, him browner than me now and mi born as a natural browning, the man ah go hard wid the ting, ah now the gyal dem love him, him ah tell dem what dem waan hear and him ah encourage dem fi do what dem a go do already, ah de so the ting de.

Mi did supposed to go Igloo this weekend, but mi change mi mind when mi hear dem find two woman dead a Portmore, a wah really a gwaan people?

And what a way the war start back a Spanish Town? Dem kill Tesha Miller family, and some man go back a Windsor Road go mash dem down. Four dead, four injured, Spanish Town tun up.

Why the police dem come lock off the party just when dem a go play Killer 'Swagga' song, mi know say the venue was about fi explode? Killer look rich and happy, him did all have on a cap and a pure teeth and grinning and Henny and all these things.

Which popular female artiste bring her microwave mouth to Konshens the other day and now it stink in the streets? Her man ah pree har.

How Mavado love over Caruba so? Every Sunday night, this back road ting sell off!!!!

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